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Release notes for kOps 1.27 series

Significant changes

  • The default image has been updated to Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy).

  • The default retention duration for the etcd backups is now set to 90 days. This behaviour can be overridden by setting spec.etcdClusters[*].manager.backupRetentionDays in the cluster spec.

  • external-dns is now supported in IPv6 clusters.

  • Using swap memory is now possible by setting spec.kubelet.memorySwapBehavior.


  • As of Kubernetes version 1.27, all nodes will default to running with instance-metadata-service tokens required, with a max hop limit of 1. Newly created clusters will be configured as necessary to have these settings.

  • As of Kubernetes version 1.27, credentials for private ECR repositories will be handled by the out-of-tree credential provider. This is an additional binary that each instance downloads from the assets repository.

  • Karpenter has been upgraded to version 0.27.x and the feature flag is no longer necessary.


  • Improved support for private topology.

  • Support for bastions has been added.


  • Nodes will now assign floating IPs when they are in a subnet that is of type Public. Previously they would do so when the respective topology was set to public.

Breaking changes

Other breaking changes

  • Support for Kubernetes version 1.21 has been removed.


  • Support for Kubernetes version 1.22 is deprecated and will be removed in kOps 1.28.

  • Support for Kubernetes version 1.23 is deprecated and will be removed in kOps 1.29.

  • Support for Ubuntu 18.04 is deprecated and will be removed in kOps 1.28.

  • Canal, Flannel, and Kube-Router are deprecated and support will be removed for Kubernetes 1.28 and later.

  • Support for AWS Classic Load Balancer for API is deprecated and should not be used for newly created clusters.

  • All legacy addons are deprecated in favor of managed addons, including the metrics server addon and the autoscaler addon.