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Installing kOps via Homebrew

Homebrew makes installing kOps very simple for MacOS.

brew update && brew install kops

Master can also be installed via Homebrew very easily:

# HEAD of master
brew update && brew install kops --HEAD

Previously we could also ship development updates to homebrew but their policy has changed.

Note: if you already have kOps installed, you need to substitute upgrade for install.

Releasing kOps to Brew

Submitting a new release of kOps to Homebrew is very simple.

From a homebrew machine

brew bump-formula-pr makes it easy to update our homebrew formula. This will automatically update the provided fields and open a PR for you. More details on this script are located here.

Example usage:

brew bump-formula-pr kops --version=1.20.2

  • Update the URL variable to the tar.gz of the new release source code
  • Update the sha256 variable to SHA256 checksum of the new tar.gz

If we change how dependencies work or if we make the install require something other than a simple make, we'll need to update the commands

brew edit kops will open an editor on your machine to edit the formula. You can use this to make more in depth changes to the formula.

Test that Homebrew formula works

brew uninstall kops && brew install kops will install the new version. Test and make sure that the new release works.

Audit the Homebrew formula

brew audit --strict --online will output any code that doesn't meet the Homebrew standards.

Send a commit to the Homebrew repo

Rather than repeating documentation that might change, head over to Homebrew documentation for directions and conventions.