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Testing preview versions

The kOps test infrastructure creates builds of git branches and pull requests. These builds can easily be used for testing. Note that these builds are cleaned up after some time, so it is not safe to use these for production clusters.

This is handy as if you do not want to compile e.g the master branch to test a fix.

Testing release branches

After each successful merge to a release branch, the build is made available through a release marker.

branch marker master branch kOps 1.21 release branch kOps 1.22 release branch

You can create a cluster using these markers using the following scripts:

export KOPS_BASE_URL="$(curl -s"
wget -q "$KOPS_BASE_URL/$(go env GOOS)/$(go env GOARCH)/kops"
chmod +x ./kops
./kops version

Keep in mind you need to set KOPS_BASE_URL every time you use ./kops

Testing a pull request

When a PR builds successfully, you can test the PR using the following script:

sha=$(curl -s -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.v3+json"${pr} | jq -r .head.sha )
export KOPS_BASE_URL="${sha}"
wget -q "$KOPS_BASE_URL/$(go env GOOS)/$(go env GOARCH)/kops"
chmod +x ./kops
./kops version