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Subdomain setup

Creating a Subdomain That Uses Amazon Route 53 as the DNS Service without Migrating the Parent Domain

You can create a subdomain that uses Amazon Route 53 as the DNS service without migrating the parent domain from another DNS service.

The procedure shall involve following steps:

  • Create subdomain hosted zone
  • Create NS record on the parent domain hosted zone

In this example, we use as parent hosted zone.

Create Subdomain

You want to keep those parent domain hosted zone records, so now lets create the subdomain.

On your route 53 create the subdomain :

Create Hosted zone

Fill up the box Domain Name: with your subdomain :

Route 53 should generate your NS server like below in subdomain management console:


Take note on these records.

Create NS record on Parent domain hosted zone

Add / Create a NS record on the parent domain hosted zone with previous noted subdomain NS server records via parent domain management console.

After done, the result should like this from cli:

dig ns

;; ANSWER SECTION:        172800  IN  NS  ns-613.<example-aws-dns>        172800  IN  NS  ns-75.<example-aws-dns>        172800  IN  NS  ns-1022.<example-aws-dns>        172800  IN  NS  ns-1149.<example-aws-dns>

Wait until the NS replication is ok