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Experimental features ΒΆ

Enable experimental features with:


The following experimental features are currently available:

  • +EnableExternalDNS - Enable external-dns with default settings (ingress sources only).
  • +VPCSkipEnableDNSSupport - Enables creation of a VPC that does not need DNSSupport enabled.
  • +EnableSeparateConfigBase - Allow a config-base that is different from the state store.
  • +ExperimentalClusterDNS - Turns off validation of the kubelet cluster dns flag.
  • +GoogleCloudBucketAcl - Enables setting the ACL on the state store bucket when using GCS
  • +Spotinst - Enables the use of the Spot integration
  • +SpotinstOcean - Enables the use of the Spot Ocean integration
  • +SpotinstOceanTemplate - Enables the use of Spot Ocean object as a template for Virtual Node Groups
  • +SpotinstHybrid - Toggles between hybrid and full instance group implementations
  • -SpotinstController - Toggles the installation of the Spot controller addon off
  • +SkipEtcdVersionCheck - Bypasses the check that etcd-manager is using a supported etcd version
  • +APIServerNodes - Enables support for dedicated API server nodes