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GPU Support

kOps managed device driver

Kops 1.22

kOps can install nvidia device drivers, plugin, and runtime, as well as configure containerd to make use of the runtime.

kOps will also install a RuntimeClass nvidia. As the nvidia runtime is not the default runtime, you will need to add runtimeClassName: nvidia to any Pod spec you want to use for GPU workloads. The RuntimeClass also configures the appropriate node selectors and tolerations to run on GPU Nodes.

kOps will add"1" as node selector as well as the following taint:

  - effect: NoSchedule

The taint will prevent you from accidentially scheduling workloads on GPU Nodes.

You can enable nvidia by adding the following to your Cluster spec:

      enabled: true

Creating an instance group with GPU nodeN

Due to the cost of GPU instances you want to minimize the amount of pods running on them. Therefore start by provisioning a regular cluster following the getting started documentation.

Once the cluster is running, add an instance group with GPUs:

kind: InstanceGroup
  labels: <cluster name>
  name: gpu-nodes
  image: 099720109477/ubuntu/images/hvm-ssd/ubuntu-focal-20.04-amd64-server-20200907
  nodeLabels: gpu-nodes
  machineType: g4dn.xlarge
  maxSize: 1
  minSize: 1
  role: Node
  - eu-central-1c