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Etcd Administration Tasks


etcd-manager is a kubernetes-sigs project that kOps uses to manage etcd.

It handles graceful upgrades of etcd, TLS, and backups. If a Kubernetes cluster needs more redundant control plane, it also takes care of resizing the etcd cluster.


Backups and restores of etcd on kOps are covered in

Direct Data Access

It's not typically necessary to view or manipulate the data inside of etcd directly with etcdctl, because all operations usually go through kubectl commands. However, it can be informative during troubleshooting, or just to understand kubernetes better. Here are the steps to accomplish that on kOps.

1. Determine which version of etcd is running

kops get cluster --full -o yaml

Look at the etcdCluster configuration's version for the given cluster.

2. Connect to an etcd-manager pod

CONTAINER=$(kubectl get pods -n kube-system | grep etcd-manager-main | head -n 1 | awk '{print $1}')
kubectl exec -it -n kube-system $CONTAINER -- sh


3. Run etcdctl

ETCDDIR=/opt/etcd-v$ETCD_VERSION-linux-amd64 # Replace with arm64 if you are running an arm control plane
alias etcdctl="ETCDCTL_API=3 $ETCDDIR/etcdctl --cacert=$CERTDIR/etcd-ca.crt --cert=$CERTDIR/etcd-client.crt --key=$CERTDIR/etcd-client.key --endpoints="

Test the client by running the following:

etcdctl member list

If successful, this should output the members of the etcd cluster.