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Office Hours

Office Hours

kOps maintainers set aside one hour every week for public office hours. This time is used to gather with community members interested in kOps. This session is open to both developers and users.

The time and date for the office hours can be found in the sig-cluster-lifecycle calendar.

The office hours are hosted in a zoom video chat.

Regular office hours

The regular office hours are typically more formal and tend to focus on discussions. They are typically recorded.

Bonus meetings

Since the regular office hours do not fit everyones schedule, kOps maintainers also host additional office hours with a more loose agenda. These are typically not recorded.

Office Hours Topics

We do maintain an agenda and stick to it as much as possible. If you want to hold the floor, put your item in this doc. Bullet/note form is fine. Even if your topic gets in late, we do our best to cover it.

Our office hours call is recorded, but the tone tends to be casual. First-timers are always welcome. Typical areas of discussion can include:

  • Contributors with a feature proposal seeking feedback, assistance, etc
  • Members planning for what we want to get done for the next release
  • Strategizing for larger initiatives, such as those that involve more than one SIG or potentially more moving pieces
  • Help wanted requests
  • Demonstrations of cool stuff. PoCs. Fresh ideas. Show us how you use kOps to go beyond the norm- help us define the future!

Office hours are designed for ALL of those contributing to kOps or the community. Contributions are not limited to those who commit source code. There are so many important ways to be involved:

  • helping in the slack channels
  • triaging/writing issues
  • thinking about the topics raised at office hours and forming and advocating for your good ideas forming opinions
  • testing pre-(and official) releases

Although not exhaustive, the above activities are extremely important to our continued success and are all worth contributions. If you want to talk about kOps and you have doubt, just come.