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kOps - Kubernetes Operations

The easiest way to get a production grade Kubernetes cluster up and running.

2020-05-06 etcd-manager Certificate Expiration Advisory

kops versions released today contain a critical fix to etcd-manager: 1 year after creation (or first adopting etcd-manager), clusters will stop responding due to expiration of a TLS certificate. Upgrading kOps to 1.15.3, 1.16.2, 1.17.0-beta.2, or 1.18.0-alpha.3 is highly recommended. Please see the advisory for the full details.

What is kOps?

We like to think of it as kubectl for clusters.

kops helps you create, destroy, upgrade and maintain production-grade, highly available, Kubernetes clusters from the command line. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is currently officially supported, with GCE and OpenStack in beta support, and other platforms planned.

Can I see it in action?


  • Automates the provisioning of Kubernetes clusters in AWS and GCE
  • Deploys Highly Available (HA) Kubernetes Masters
  • Built on a state-sync model for dry-runs and automatic idempotency
  • Ability to generate Terraform
  • Supports managed kubernetes add-ons
  • Command line autocompletion
  • YAML Manifest Based API Configuration
  • Templating and dry-run modes for creating Manifests
  • Choose from eight different CNI Networking providers out-of-the-box
  • Supports upgrading from kube-up
  • Capability to add containers, as hooks, and files to nodes via a cluster manifest