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Release notes for kOps 1.25 series

Significant changes

  • GCE cloud provider support has been promoted to stable.
  • Hetzner cloud provider support has been promoted to beta.
  • Karpenter support has been promoted to stable on Kubernetes versions 1.22, 1.23 and 1.24. Karpenter does not yet support Kubernetes above 1.25.
  • IAM roles on AWS used for ServiceAccounts are now tagged with the name and namespace of the ServiceAccount.
  • Cert Manager may now solve dns-01 challenges. See the cert manager documentation.
  • Add support to --cordon-node-before-terminating on the cluster autoscaler addon (CordonNodeBeforeTerminating)
  • EBS CSI driver can now be self-managed. See the addon docs.

Breaking changes

Cinder CSI snapthot controller changes

The CSI Cinder plugin for OpenStack will now only use the CSI snapshotter when the CSI snapshot controller is enabled in the cluster spec. This changes the default behavior where the CSI snaphotter container was always present, but spammed the log with error messages (see #13890). In case of manually deployed CRDs to make the snapshotter work it is now necessary to enable the snapshot controller.

Other breaking changes

  • Support for Kubernetes version 1.19 has been removed.


  • Support for Kubernetes version 1.20 is deprecated and will be removed in kOps 1.26.
  • Support for Kubernetes version 1.21 is deprecated and will be removed in kOps 1.27.

Full change list since 1.24.0 release