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Release notes for kOps 1.21 series

⚠ kOps 1.21 has not been released yet! ⚠

This is a document to gather the release notes prior to the release.

Significant changes

Dedicated API Server nodes.

kOps now supports extending the control plane with dedicated apiserver nodes. These nodes run in dedicated instance groups that can be scaled horizontally.

In 1.21, this feature is behind a feature flag as node role name, labels, taints, and domains can change based on feedback from the community.

Other significant changes

  • Protokube now runs as a systemd process rather than a docker container.

Breaking changes

Required Actions


  • Support for Kubernetes versions 1.15 and 1.16 are deprecated and will be removed in kOps 1.22.
  • Support for launch configurations has been removed in favour of launch templates.

Full change list since 1.21.0 release

1.21.0-alpha.2 to 1.21.0-alpha.1

1.21.0-alpha.1 to 1.21.0-alpha.2

1.21.0-alpha.2 to 1.21.0-alpha.3