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Release notes for kOps 1.20 series

Significant changes

  • Default container runtime is now set to containerd for new clusters running Kubernetes 1.20.0+.

  • Added experimental Azure support. To get started check the docs

  • Default settings for AWS instances are updated to take advantage of recent performance and security features:

    • Default etcd volumes encryption changes to enabled for newly created clusters
    • Default root volume encryption changes to enabled
    • Default etcd volumes type changes from gp2 to gp3
    • Default root volume type changes from gp2 to gp3
  • Added template funtions for kubernetes version based on channel data.

  • kOps now use helm3 functions for merging template --set and --values arguments. This has slightly different behaviour than previous helm2-like logic.

  • Following kubeadm, control plane nodes are now labelled with""

  • Default node image for GCE changed from COS to Ubuntu for K8s versions >= 1.18.0. This is to more closely align with the AWS implementation (the most mature support) and because COS limits the ability to modify files on its disk.

Breaking changes

  • Support for Kubernetes 1.11 and 1.12 has been removed.

  • Support for Terraform version 0.11 has been removed.

  • Support for the feature flag Terraform-0.12 has been removed. All generated Terraform HCL2/JSON files will support versions 0.12.26+ and 0.13.0+.

Required Actions

  • If you are using the Calico network plugin in a cross-subnet setup, you may have to manually remove the AWS Source/Dest Check controller (k8s-ec2-srcdst) deployment that was previously deprecated and replaced with the new awsSrcDstCheck feature.

  • If you are using self-hosted channels files, you have to add the new architectureID field, with one of the amd64 or arm64 values.

  • If you are running kops toolbox template in an airgapped environment, you have to set --channel to point to a local channel file.

  • If your workload targets control plane nodes, you need to change them to select the"" label. You should also add the toleration to these workloads. This taint will not be added to control plane nodes before kOps 1.22.


  • Support for Kubernetes versions 1.13 and 1.14 are deprecated and will be removed in kOps 1.21.

  • The manifest based metrics server addon has been deprecated in favour of a configurable addon.

  • The manifest based cluster autoscaler addon has been deprecated in favour of a configurable addon.

  • The and labels are deprecated and will be removed from control plane nodes in kOps 1.22

  • The experimental node-authorizer that could be enabled using nodeAuthorization has been removed. Setting this value is now forbidden.

  • Due to lack of maintainers, the Aliyun/Alibaba Cloud support has been deprecated. The current implementation will be left as-is until the implementation needs updates or otherwise becomes incompatible. At that point, it will be removed. We very much welcome anyone willing to contribute to this cloud provider.

  • Support for AWS LaunchConfiguration has been deprecated and will be removed in kOps 1.21.

Full change list since 1.19.0 release

1.19.0-beta.3 to 1.20.0-alpha.1

1.20.0-alpha.1 to 1.20.0-alpha.2

1.20.0-alpha.2 to 1.20.0-beta.1

1.20.0-beta.1 to 1.20.0-beta.2

1.20.0-beta.2 to 1.20.0

1.20.0 to 1.20.1

1.20.1 to 1.20.2

1.20.2 to 1.20.3