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Release notes for kops 1.16 series

Significant changes

  • To address the issue of IPv4 only clusters being susceptible to MitM attacks via IPv6 rogue router advertisements, the affected components have been upgraded as follows:

  • If upgrading from 1.11 or earlier, please see the notes in previous releases about upgrading through kubernetes 1.12, with the etcd3 upgrade.

  • A new component runs on the master nodes now: kops-controller. kops-controller currently labels nodes, but will likely perform additional functionality in future releases.

Breaking changes

  • Support for Docker versions 1.11, 1.12 and 1.13 has been removed because of the shut down. Those affected must upgrade to a newer Docker version.

  • Please see the notes in the 1.15 release about the apiGroup changing from kops to

  • A controller is now used to apply labels to nodes. If you are not using AWS, GCE or OpenStack your (non-master) nodes may not have labels applied correctly.

Required Actions

  • If either a kOps 1.16 alpha release or a custom kOps build was used on a cluster, a kops-controller Deployment may have been created that should get deleted. Run kubectl -n kube-system delete deployment kops-controller after upgrading to kOps 1.16.0-beta.1 or later.

  • Kubernetes 1.9 users will need to enable the PodPriority feature gate. This is required for newer versions of kOps.

To enable the Pod priority feature, follow these steps:

kops edit cluster
# Add the following section
      PodPriority: "true"


  • Support for Kubernetes releases prior to 1.9 is deprecated and will be removed in kops 1.18.

  • The kops/v1alpha1 API is deprecated and will be removed in kops 1.18. Users of kops replace will need to supply v1alpha2 resources.

Full change list since 1.15.0 release

1.15.0-alpha.1 to 1.16.0-alpha.1

1.16.0-alpha.1 to 1.16.0-alpha.2

1.16.0-alpha.2 to 1.16.0-beta.1

1.16.0-beta.1 to 1.16.0-beta.2

1.16.0-beta.2 to 1.16.0

1.16.0 to 1.16.1

1.16.1 to 1.16.2

1.16.2 to 1.16.3

1.16.3 to 1.16.4