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Kops delete instancegroup

kops delete instancegroup

Delete instance group.


Delete an instance group configuration. kOps has the concept of "instance groups", which are a group of similar virtual machines. On AWS, they map to an AutoScalingGroup.

kops delete instancegroup INSTANCE_GROUP [flags]


  # Delete an instancegroup for the cluster.
  # The --yes option runs the command immediately.
  # Note that the cloud resources will be deleted immediately, without running "kops update cluster"
  kops delete ig node-example --yes


  -h, --help   help for instancegroup
  -y, --yes    Specify --yes to immediately delete the instance group

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string   yaml config file (default is $HOME/.kops.yaml)
      --name string     Name of cluster. Overrides KOPS_CLUSTER_NAME environment variable
      --state string    Location of state storage (kops 'config' file). Overrides KOPS_STATE_STORE environment variable
  -v, --v Level         number for the log level verbosity


  • kops delete - Delete clusters, instancegroups, instances, and secrets.