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Kops delete instance

kops delete instance

Delete an instance.


Delete an instance. By default, it will detach the instance from the instance group, drain it, then terminate it.

kops delete instance INSTANCE|NODE [flags]


  # Delete an instance from the currently active cluster.
  kops delete instance i-0a5ed581b862d3425 --yes

  # Delete an instance from the currently active cluster using node name.
  kops delete instance ip-xx.xx.xx.xx.ec2.internal --yes

  # Delete an instance from the currently active cluster without
  validation or draining.
  kops delete instance --cloudonly i-0a5ed581b862d3425 --yes


      --cloudonly                     Perform deletion update without confirming progress with Kubernetes
      --fail-on-drain-error           Fail if draining a node fails (default true)
      --fail-on-validate-error        Fail if the cluster fails to validate (default true)
  -h, --help                          help for instance
      --post-drain-delay duration     Time to wait after draining each node (default 5s)
      --surge                         Surge by detaching the node from the ASG before deletion (default true)
      --validate-count int32          Number of times that a cluster needs to be validated after single node update (default 2)
      --validation-timeout duration   Maximum time to wait for a cluster to validate (default 15m0s)
  -y, --yes                           Specify --yes to immediately delete the instance

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string   yaml config file (default is $HOME/.kops.yaml)
      --name string     Name of cluster. Overrides KOPS_CLUSTER_NAME environment variable
      --state string    Location of state storage (kops 'config' file). Overrides KOPS_STATE_STORE environment variable
  -v, --v Level         number for the log level verbosity


  • kops delete - Delete clusters, instancegroups, instances, and secrets.