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Secret management

Managing secrets

get secrets

get secret -oplaintext

-oplaintext exposes the raw secret value.

create secret

kops create secret sshpublickey admin -i ~/.ssh/

delete secret

Syntax: kops delete secret <type> <name> or kops delete secret <type> <name> <id>

The ID form can be used when there are multiple matching keys.

example: kops delete secret sshpublickey admin

Note: it is currently not possible to delete secrets from the keystore that have the type "Secret"

adding ssh credential from spec file

kind: SSHCredential
  publicKey: "ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1 dev@devbox"

Workaround for changing secrets with type "Secret"

As it is currently not possible to modify or delete + create secrets of type "Secret" with the CLI you have to modify them directly in the kOps s3 bucket.

They are stored /clustername/secrets/ and contain the secret as a base64 encoded string. To change the secret base64 encode it with:

echo -n 'MY_SECRET' | base64

and replace it in the "Data" field of the file. Verify your change with get secrets and perform a rolling update of the cluster.