Please see 1.6-NOTES.md for known issues

  • Weave upgraded to 1.9.8, to fix NodePort issue (thanks @jordanjennings, @justinsb)
  • Fixes for (experimental) k8s.local DNS-free configurations (thanks @justinsb)
  • Weave now configured with the correct pod CIDR (thanks @jordanjennings)
  • Initial support for kube-router networking (thanks @murali-reddy)
  • Apply cloud-labels to EBS volumes (thanks @pastjean)
  • Support empty --resolv-conf (thanks @austinmoore-)
  • Add --subnet and --role flags to create ig command (thanks @dtan4)
  • Improvements to kops delete output (thanks @chrislovecnm)
  • Match type (public/private) of DNS zones when matching (thanks @justinsb)
  • CoreOS command now finds the latest image (thanks @gianrubio)
  • Protokube now checks if kubelet is already running before calling systemctl start (thanks @aledbf)
  • Added index to make documentation much easier to navigate (thanks @WillemMali)
  • Makefile improvements (thanks @WillemMali)
  • Refactor instance group / rolling-update code (thanks @andrewsykim)
  • Lots of documentation and polish (thanks @chrislovecnm, @cordoval, @justinsb, @WillemMali)